Allgemein, Poetry

sunday meltdown

i’ll go – i’m dry;

there’s no time for

conquering my own moon

life and nature are so beautiful

as they all take from my centre


that it will become the rich soil for

spring at least not in vain;


old time broods,

on fire

i can sing rhymed prose.


my head from dusty earth

my heart from silky wine


we are here only when heavy

clouds collide,

earth has always seemed too far

away, but


who would not approve

air to breathe,


in my hand

a long term memory is made


now no compact


all over heimat

Eines meiner Gedichte wurde in einer sehr gelungenen international ausgeschriebenen Anthologie veröffentlicht.

Ich fühle mich geehrt, mir mit so vielen herausragenden Beiträgen Seiten zu teilen.

Auf der Premiere werde ich auch lesen.

One of my poems has been published in an outstanding international anthology. I feel honored to be part of this amazing potpourri of poetry. I will be reading during the premiere (see link above)